Barcode:  9781803374246 Dimensions:  180 x 220 x 35 mm Number of pages:  8 Description:   Engage your little one’s senses and curiosity with the Sensory Snuggables Unicorn Fun soft cloth book. Meet each friendly unicorn by exploring, touching and grabbing their tails and horns, which come in a range of textures, shapes and bright colours. Trace little fingers over the crinkly cover to stimulate hearing and enjoy discovering a world of magical unicorns together! Sensory Snuggables baby range Unicorn-themed cloth book Mixed textures to touch and explore Surprise crinkles to stimulate hearing Touch-and-feel tabs encourage interactive play Velcro strap to attach to stroller Bright art introduces unicorns Format:  Cloth Book with material tabs and a Velcro fastener Category: , , .